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Lessons and Discussion Handouts

Destroy Your Mother

9 week study on Motivational Talks from God by Trae Durden

Who is My Brother?

10 week study on Fellowship by Trae Durden

Book, Chapter, Verse

3 quizzes to test your Bible Knowledge by Trae Durden.


Christian Responsibility

9 week study on Christian Responsibility by Trae Durden

Lambs Among Wolves

3 week study on Jesus' words found in Luke 10

Holiday Movie Series:

3  week series using popular Holiday Movies


Spiritual Disciplines

9 week series on "Spiritual Disciplines"


10 week series on Bridging An Old Church To A New Generation

The Disney Series

10 week series using popular Disney movies


Nothing Can Stop The Coming Of Jesus

3 week series showing that NOTHING could stop the coming of Jesus

Nothing Can Stop The Second Coming Of Jesus

4 week series showing that NOTHING can stop the second coming of Jesus

Not Just A Children's Story

7 week series on on stories that aren't only for children


Hook, Line, and Sinker

Called to Disciple

13 week study on discipleship

Locking Away Excuses

5 week study on exterminating excuses


7 week study on the "I am" statements found in John.


Star Wars: The Christian Awakens

A Retreat Booklet by Brendan Chance, Trae Durden, and Philip Jenkins.

O'Hana Retreat

VBS Packs

WARP Force

This FREE VBS bundle teaches how to show agape love to everyone.