Episode 7 - DEPENDENCE

Show Notes:

  • Dependence
    • On Substances
    • On Behaviors
  • All Sin is Addictive / Enslaving
    • John 8
    • Romans 6-7
  • Romans 1
    • Glory Exchange (1:23)
    • Worship Exchange (1:25)
    • Desire Exchange (1:26) - All dependence begins with objects and desire
  • Jeremiah 2
    • Idolatry and Addiction are the Same Thing
    • Empty Promises of Idols (2:13)
      • We Forsake the Fountain of Living Waters
      • We Turn to Broken Cisterns
    • Language of Freedom (Exodus) and Return to Slavery (2:17, 20)
    • Blunt Sexual Sin Imagery - Making Love to the Creature (2:20)
    • Feeling of Hopelessness in Dependence (2:25)
  • Trent Childers' Interview of Dr. Brad Harrub
  • A Savior!
    • Breaking the Bonds of the Cycle
    • A Healthy Dependence on God Himself



We never completely endorse all the thoughts of any human teacher. Make sure you put all resources through the Berean Test (Acts 17:11).

For some practical insights into breaking a dependence cycle, get a copy of Trent Childers' book Pressing Forward: Bible-Based Addiction Recovery. Trent is a minister of the Gospel with the Colliersville Church of Christ in Colliersville, TN. He relates some of his own struggles with drug addiction in the past as well as other personal stories. The recovery process Trent prescribes contains principles from across the Bible, the title being drawn from Paul's discussion in Philippians 3. He also records his interview (quoted in the podcast) with Dr. Brad Harrub on the science of addiction.



What idols have you seen by personal experience or observation that commonly ensnare us into a dependence cycle? We welcome your feedback! Please submit all comments in a spirit of love and edification.