Episode 5 - SON OF MAN

Show Notes:

  • "Son of Man" - Just an Expression of Humanity?
  • The Title Jesus Uses of Himself
    • 82 uses in the Gospel
    • All from the lips of Jesus Himself
  • Daniel 7 (an undervalued OT vision)
    • Part I - The 4 Beasts
      • Babylon
      • Medo-Persia
      • Macedonia/Greece
      • Rome
    • Part II - The Throne Room
      • Ancient of Days
      • THRONES (plural)
      • "One like a son of man"
        • Coming UP from below
        • Conquering king returning home to his father
        • OT preview of Jesus' ascension to heaven
        • Declaration of KINGSHIP (ruling a KINGDOM)
  • One NT example (Matthew 16:27-28)
  • Why does Jesus use SON OF MAN so much? 
    • Encourage his listeners to make the OT connections
    • Keep this Daniel 7 vision on His mind as motivation to finish His mission



What connections do you see between Jesus and the "Son of Man" vision of Daniel 7? How do these connections enhance your understanding of Jesus? We welcome feedback! Please submit all comments in a spirit of love and edification.