Episode 34 - JUSTICE

Show Notes:

  • An American theme and an even more prominent biblical theme
  • A loaded term
    • God's Wrath? (Romans 1)
    • Punishment?
    • Something to celebrate or dread?
  • Psalm 96 and Psalm 98 - celebrations and anticipation of God's Justice/Judgment
  • Human society hinges on JUSTICE
  • God's love of JUSTICE
    • Psalm 33:5
    • Isaiah 61:8
    • Psalm 97:1-2
  • The Hebrew words sedeq (righteousness) and sapat/mispat (justice)
  • The nature of JUSTICE in the Book of Judges
  • The ACTIVE aspects of justice on the common level:
    • Micah 6:8
    • The Pharisees had largely neglected JUSTICE, which Jesus considers a "weightier matter" of the Law (Matthew 23)
    • Parable of the widow seeking JUSTICE in Luke 18
    • The word family of dikaios
      • Idea of Righteousness (legal status)
      • Idea of Justice (what you practice)
  • Concepts of JUSTICE in the OT and in all society
    • Criminal Law
    • Civil Law
    • Local courts led by the elders of a city
    • Delegating of judicial decisions to "lower courts" begins in Exodus 18
  • 2 mistakes in our treatment of OT Criminal and Civil Law
    • Binding every procedure and exact penalty for violation of law on every society in every time
    • Treating the judicial teachings for Israel as if they have no relevance for us today
  • Prophetic Indictments on Israel
    • Idolatry
    • Injustice
  • What does God consider INJUSTICE?
    • Isaiah 10:1-2 - the common victims of injustice:
      • Orphans
      • Widows
      • Poor
      • Immigrants
    • Deuteronomy 10:18-19 - our justice ethics are an imitation of God's justice ethics
    • Leviticus 19:15 - we don't approach justice with pre-determined biases
    • When no one else is fighting for the marginalized, God is.
    • James 1:27 - doing justice for orphans and widows
    • atthew 25 - Parable of the Sheep and the Goats
  • This is not a merely "social Gospel," but faith does intersect with social issues
  • We need to be emphasizing personal responsibility


Make sure you put all resources through the Berean Test (Acts 17:11) to make sure that their contents match up with the Scriptures themselves.




Christopher Wright's Old Testament Ethics for the People of God has an excellent chapter on Justice Ethics in the Old Testament and how those themes are carried on in the New Testament. Wright's work deals with justice on both a court/legal level and on the level of personal responsibility for each individual.