Episode 31 - JUSTIFIED (2)

Show Notes:

  • Justification - legal process of declaring an individual's status as "righteous"
  • Ephesians 2:8-10
  • Philippians 3 - journey from performance-based righteousness to faith-in-Christ-based
  • Galatians - addressing Judaizers
  • LAW in place largely to show you your failures (James 2)
  • What about the rest of James 2? A contradiction w/ Romans?
    • Principle that SUPPLEMENTATION does not mean CONTRADICTION
    • Paul and James are supplementing one another with different aspects of what FAITH is
    • James gives us a picture of "counterfeit faith" (not a saving faith)
    • Paul and James would agree
    • Both use Genesis 15:6 and the example of Abraham. James supplements Paul's material with another episode from Abraham's life - his willingness to offer Isaac
    • Action-Evidenced Faith....It is the continuation of the justifying faith as we're being transformed
    • Our works begin to look like Christ's works
    • Other example of faith-based action: Rahab
  • Back to Ephesians 2
    • "Saved by grace through faith"
    • "Saved for good works"
  • The Righteousness of Jesus comes to us by His performance but it also is a force that transforms us into who He is



Make sure you put all resources through the Berean Test (Acts 17:11) to make sure their contents match with the Scriptures themselves.


I referenced this book in this episode. Eric Lyons of Apologetics Press has written 2 volumes on alleged biblical contradictions. Eric's work is divided into categories and provides sound methods for the harmonization of difficult passages. This is a link to Volume 1.