Episode 3 - CULTURE

Show Notes:

  • Culture - a way of life for a group of people
    • Language
    • Religion & Ethics
    • Political System
    • Architecture
    • Art
    • Athletics
    • Dress
    • Customs
    • What Drives Its Economy
  • Biblical Approach
    • Wholesale Conformity?
    • Wholesale Rejection?
    • Something Else...
  • Engaging Culture (1 Thess. 5:21-22)
    • Examine Everything Carefully
    • Hold Fast to That Which is Good
    • Abstain from Every Form of Evil
  • Origins of CULTURE
    • AGRI-culture
    • Genesis 4 - Culture Building
      • Positives
        • City/Masonry
        • Nomads
        • Art Forms
        • Smiths
      • Negatives
        • Murder
        • Polygamy
  • Cultural Challenges
  • The Lazy Route: Blaming All of Culture
  • Applying 1 Thessalonians 5
  • Godly Contributions to Culture


We never completely endorse all the thoughts of any human teacher, but if you would like to read some great insights into the Biblical themes of CULTURE, get a copy of Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling by Andy Crouch. Make sure you put all resources through the Berean Test (Acts 17:11).


How are you or others around you making positive contributions to culture? We welcome your feedback! Please express all comments with a spirit of love and edification. And since this is a new podcast, your sharing of it will be most appreciated!