Episode 25 - BEAUTY

Show Notes:

  • The Dangers
    • Beauty can turn into Vanity
    • Beauty can be idolized
    • Beauty can be twisted and used as leverage in a self-serving manner
  • Psalm 27:4 - What is BEAUTY?
    • We perceive it through the senses
    • An aesthetic quality
  • Objects that the Scriptures most frequently describe as "beautiful"
    • Nature
    • The Temple
    • Humans
  • General Gender Difference
    • Men think more functionally
    • Women think more aesthetically
    • God captures both in His Creation
  • The Aesthetic Argument for the Existence of God
    • There is Beauty.
    • Beauty must have a source.
    • The source is God.
  • The Glory of God as beautiful 
    • Psalm 50:2
    • Psalm 27:4
    • An entire chapter in C. S. Lewis's Reflections on the Psalms
  • "For glory and for beauty"
    • Preparation for tabernacle construction
    • The Garments of the Priests - Exodus 28:2, 40
    • The Craftsman Bezalel (Exodus 31)
      • Chosen by God for artistic purposes
      • First person in Scripture connected with being "filled with the Spirit" 
  • Woman Anointing Jesus
    • Same or similar story (may have been 2 different occasions) found in all 4 Gospels
    • Costly spiced perfume
    • The criticism comes from those thinking FUNCTIONALLY (even though they weren't really concerned about the poor)
    • "She has done a BEAUTIFUL thing..." (Mark 14:6)
    • Not a display of wealth
    • Beauty, even in the eyes of our Lord, holds great value for the people of God
  • Conclusions
    • Appreciate the natural beauty in the creation and in fellow human beings
    • Be careful of idolizing that beauty
    • In our reflections on God, don't forget His beauty
    • Human Creativity
      • Cultivating from the Natural Resources God has Created
      • Bringing both Function and Beauty to Life out of these Materials
    • Real beauty points people back to God and not to ourselves


We never completely endorse all the thoughts of any human teacher. Make sure you put all resources through the Berean Test (Acts 17:11).


This "reference book" has been one of my most widely used resources as a teacher and preacher. It is arranged alphabetically by topic and covers any concept or object in the Scriptures that might fall under the umbrella of IMAGERY. The entries for each of these items (such as SWORD, WATER, SHEPHERD, BEAST, HEART, etc.) are exhaustive in their treatment of the passages where the Bible uses the image. If you preach or teach the Bible, your study will be enriched and you will find all kinds of material for lessons in this book.









Lewis was not really a Biblical Scholar. He was a Christian philosopher. But this work may be the closest he comes to Bible commentary. This is not meant to be a comprehensive coverage of every psalm. Instead he picks out about 10 themes to discuss as they appear in multiple psalms. One of these themes is BEAUTY, and I think you will benefit from his reflections on it.