Episode 24 - SABBATH

Show Notes:

  • Creation Week
    • God sets up a paradigm of rest at the end of a work week
    • The seventh day was a day of reflection on the past week
  • Sabbath as a Gift
    • The 4th Commandment (out of the 10)
    • Jesus's thoughts - "Sabbath made for man"
    • God Providing on Sabbath During the Wilderness Wandering
  • So why don't we keep the Sabbath as a day of the week now?
    • Sabbath as a Day was the sign of the Mosaic Covenant Relationship
      • We cannot bind on Christians this ceremonial aspect of the Mosaic Law 
      • It becomes a matter of Christian liberty (Col. 2:16)
    • The Sabbath Concept Continues...in Jesus
      • Hebrews 4 - Present sense of REST in Jesus
      • Matthew 11-12 - "Lord of the Sabbath"
        • 2 events in Matthew 12 where SABBATH is the center of controversy
        • Relieving of burdens on a Sabbath Day
        • This SABBATH theme is an extension of Jesus's teachings at the end of Matthew 11 - "Come unto Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you REST."
      • Jesus takes the Sabbath from one day out of the week and makes it a perpetual state of the soul that is only found in Him
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