Episode 23 - ELDERS

Show Notes:

  • 3 NT Words Used Interchangeably 
    • Episkopos - "overseer, bishop, guardian"
    • Poimen - "shepherd, pastor"
    • Presbuteros - "elder"
  • OT Background for Elders
    • Exodus 3
    • Exodus 24
    • Deuteronomy 24
    • Ruth 4
    • Proverbs 31
  • Principles from the Survey of Elders
    • Men in Communion with God
    • Gatekeepers
    • Voices of WISDOM and JUSTICE



We never completely endorse all the thoughts of any human teacher. Make sure you put all resources through the Berean Test (Acts 17:11).

I must credit F. LaGard Smith's book for many of these insights into ELDERS in the Old Testament. If you have never read this book, I encourage you to. You will probably not agree with all of Smith's conclusions. I know that I do not. But the book is still thought-provoking in reexamining church structure and practice to see if we really do resemble the church of the New Testament. Read with caution. But you will find some useful material, especially in his chapter on elders.