Episode 14 - BABEL VS. BETHEL

Show Notes:

  • Babel ("Confusion" - Genesis 11)
    • Brick-baking in a kiln
    • Construction usually a positive
    • "Let us make/build..." (Gen. 11:3-4)
      • Man playing God
      • Ziggurats - temples w/ stairways
      • Coercing the gods down to earth
      • God does come down but actually comes in judgment
    • Secular Humanism
      • Man trying to bring heaven on earth on his own terms
      • Making a name for ourselves and not for God
      • Cessation of Religion (Karl Marx)
      • We keep constructing Towers of Babel
  • Bethel ("House of God"Genesis 28)
    • Language of "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth a goal of the New Testament
    • TEMPLE is an overlap of heaven and earth
    • Jacob's dream has God coming down this ladder
    • God does not want to be distant. He DOES want to come down but on His terms.
    • Connection to John 1
      • Nathaniel relaxed under a fig tree until he's startled by Jesus' words 
      • Clues from Jesus' words: ISRAEL and DECEIT
      • Connection back to Jacob's Dream


We never completely endorse all the thoughts of any human teacher. Make sure you put all resources through the Berean Test (Acts 17:11).


In this creative book, Andy Crouch takes the reader on a journey through cultural developments in the Bible, looking at God's purpose for humanity's creativity while also seeing the dangers of culture making like the account of Babel.





Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Scholar John H. Walton surveys the surviving literature and archaeological finds from other civilizations in the Ancient Near East, proceeding to compare and contrast their views with those of Israel and the Biblical Worldview. Each chapter covers a different component of a worldview, such as a the thoughts on ziggurats in his chapter on Temples.