Who Owns Your Faith?

My faith must be just that - MY FAITH, mine alone, not inherited from my parents or a faith I married into, not a faith because I don't want to disappoint my family, but a convicted, firmly planted faith that withstands all the tests life throws at it, because it is a faith based on truth, not on convenience.

King Johoash of Judah needed such a faith. His grandmother, Queen Athaliah, had killed all her male descendants, or so she thought. Jehoash's aunt had secretly hidden him in the temple with his nurse for six years. Jehoida, the priest, taught him the ways of the Lord until the time was right for him to become king at the young age of seven. II Kings 12:2 says “Jehoash did what was right in the sight of the Lord all the days in which Jehoida the priest instructed him.”

During the tutelage of Jehoida, Jehoash repaired God's temple and led the nation of Judah as a righteous king. However, when Jehoida died, Jehoash's faith died with him. He allowed Judah to fall into worshiping idols. When Jehoida's son, led by the Spirit of God, warned the people of God's judgment, Jehoash had him stoned to death. He killed the son of the man who had saved him and mentored him.

Jehoash's faith was never his own. It belonged to Jehoida. To whom does our faith belong? Is it a faith that will fade when we are no longer under our parents' wing, a faith that will die with our spouse, or is it a faith that will stand the test of time, a faith that will be persecuted, thrown against the storms of life and will not waver because it is a faith that is our own.


In Love,

Holly Collier


Holly Collier resides in Ellijay, GA, with her husband Nathan and 2 children. She is a home educator and active in the work of the Ellijay church of Christ.