When We Steal God's Glory



I think we can all agree our goal should be aligned with God's goal--for all to be saved, and for all to reach a mature faith pleasing to Him. We should have a love for the lost. We should have a sense of urgency in our efforts to point the lost to Jesus. 

As we see the lost coming to the cross and beginning a new relationship with Christ we must not forget we did not convert them. We did not save them. God did. All too often we puff ourselves up saying, "After weeks of studying with so-and-so, I finally converted and baptized so-and-so." 

In Acts 2:41, 47 we are told that the Lord adds to the church. Luke doesn't record the story and say, "and Peter saved 3,000 people". I am not in the business of counting how many people I've baptized. When I am asked to baptize someone, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with what God did through Jesus and what this person is about to experience--cleansing from their sin and the receiving of the Holy Spirit. 

We should still strive to bring lost people to Jesus with a sense of urgency and love. We have been commanded to go and make disciples. As we follow this command, we must not forget this key point--it's not about me. When I start thinking "I've saved this many people" or "I've converted this many people" I start to take away from what Jesus did on the cross. Jesus took the sins of the world on his shoulders at the cross. Jesus is who saved the world. Jesus is who does the converting. My job is to point to the cross and proclaim his glory. 

When we make it about us, we've failed. 

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