WARP Force VBS Packet

WARP FORCE on Planet Synn.jpg

Thanks to Jeremy Pate and others at congregations in Tuscaloosa, AL, we are excited to share with you this amazing VBS packet. Below is a summary of this VBS.

WARP Force: The Adventures Of The U.S.S. Evangelion

A long time from now, in a galaxy just like ours, a commission was formed: the inter-galactic Commission Against Reacting to Enemies (the iCare). The goal of this commission is to spread agape love throughout the galaxy. 

The W.A.R.P. Force (Warning All Rebellious Planets) is a division of this Commission. They send crews of space travelers all over the galaxy to teach and model agape love as the very best way to live. 

The Crew of the U.S.S. Evangelion is about to go on its first mission: Plant Synn. It is an uncharted planet, and the crew must prove themselves before they are given other assignments.

If they fail, the Agape Drive on their ship will shut down, and they will be stranded...


Here's what's included:

Advertising: Movie promo posters. Signs to put around the building. Sign up sheets. Invitation Cards. We have included the original files and images that show the original congregations who put on this VBS. We have tried to include "blank" or "template" images for you to edit yourselves. For those images we were unable to create templates for, we encourage you to use the original images as ideas for your own promotional material.

AI Files: These are all the original Adobe Illustrator files that were in the folder that was shared with us. For those of you who are able to work with AI, we hope you are able to utilize these.

Schedule: Uses a rotation style VBS--Arts and Crafts, Games, Play (Bible Lesson), Refreshments/Coloring Wall.

VBS PDF Packet: Character profiles. Scriptures to study. Overall theme overview. Home Bible Study.

Auditorium Skits: There are scripts for 3 nights. Each night there is a skit before and after class. Some skits include a separate video script to show during the skit. There are also images included to incorporate as visual aids during the skits.

Bible Plays: The Bible lessons are in a skit/play format. If you choose not to use the plays for lessons, you should be able to use the plays to write your own lessons.

Character and Logo Files: Images and logos that you might find useful in making your own material.

Class Signs: Signs to help you label classrooms.

Coloring Sheets: Coloring sheets for younger kids to color during refreshments.

Other Graphics: More images for your decorating. 

Stand Ups: Large life-size character stand ups. *Note* These do have the original congregations and year labeled on the bottom of these stand ups. You can build wooden frames to help prop these stand ups. 

Star Wars Posters: More promotional images. 

Set Decoration: Images that show you how one congregation decorated their stage.

Download below. You can view the files on your mobile devices by clicking "view in google drive". You can download the packet on your computer by choosing either option. We recommend clicking the "Download ZIP" to easily download the entire bundle.