The Storms of Life

As I sit in my office and listen to the rain drops on the window and the roof, I am flooded with imagery and songs. All over the Southeast, storms have swirled around communities. Some of the storms have produced damage, some have produced flooding, and some of the storms have just been rain. As I think about the varying degrees of storms that people have experienced over the last several hours, I can't help but to think of the storms that we face in our lives.

Different songs flood my mind that use the word storm that we sing in our worship services often...

  • "Til The Storm Passes By"
  • "A Shelter in Time of Storm"
  • "Through the storm, through the night - Precious Lord, take my hand"
  • "I will soar with above the storm. Father, you are King over the flood. I will be still and know you are God."
  • "Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?"
  • "Oft, in the storm, lonely are we"
  • "Be with me Lord - If storms of trial burst above my head"

It's a certainty that we are going to have storms come our way. Jesus tells His disciples in John 16:33 "...In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” That's a pretty bold and definite statement. The use of the word "will" offers a guarantee that each one of us will have tribulation - there's no doubt about it! However, we can have peace and comfort knowing that Christ overcame the world and it's tribulation. 

We will have storms. Each physical storm is different in its own way, which helps us to understand that each storm in our life will be different. Some storms will come quick and fast, without any warning or preparation. Some of our storms will produce damage, but will all damage it can be cleared and repaired (Acts 3:19). Some of our storms will be heavy rain that really tests our faith, perseverance, and endurance (James 1:3).

The end question: How will you handle the storms of life when they come your way? Will you take your eyes off Jesus, as Peter did (Matthew 14:30) and be accused of having little faith (Matt. 14:31)? Will you turn your eyes upon Jesus knowing that He has the ability to make the winds and waves obey Him (Mark 4:39)? Jesus has the ability to calm the storms in our life. Have you put your faith and trust in Him?

"When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with You above the storm. Father you are King over the flood I will be still, know You are God" - Still

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Andrew Thompson is the Youth and Family Minister at Rose Hill Church of Christ. He is married to the beautiful, Joy Thompson (who is way out of his league!). They enjoy sharing life together, ministering to teens and families, football in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!), and musical theatre. Andrew is a proud supporter of sarcasm and dry sense of humors. Thank you for reading!

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