The Stigmatized and Neglected: Introverts in the Church

The Stigmatized and Neglected: Introverts in the Church

 As a self-proclaimed introvert, I understand all too well the astigmatisms that come with being an introvert in the church. As a Youth Minister, it becomes even more common to hear someone remark or make comments in regards to behavior and personality.

"He's in a bad mood."
"She's being anti-social."
"Well, he didn't talk to me today and was really rude"
"She just didn't seem like herself today. She wasn't quite as perky."

The list could go on and on, but I will stop there. Many churches tend to be extroverted places where the introverted are marginalized with a great potential for misunderstanding and judgment. As a leader, often times, I feel as if I am judged far too often for some introverted personality traits. There are days where I wish I could put a smile on my face and be the most outgoing person you will meet. However, that is simply not the case nor will it ever be the case. 

Introverted people are often misunderstood, especially in a church setting. 

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