NEW RELEASE: 2 New Series

Holiday Movie Series: This is a series that would be great to be used around Christmas time. It is a series that takes 3 holidays movies and pulls spiritual lessons and applications from each movie. It is designed to challenge the students to look at these particular movies from a different perspective. You can expand on this series and create your own lessons that go along with your favorite holiday movies. You may also have lessons that you want to add to the movies that are currently available. In this series packet you will find lesson notes, PowerPoint slides, and photos you can use on Instagram. We hope this series will be a blessing to your students and will show them that spiritual application can be made in any movie, no matter how much the movie may seem like a cotton headed ninny muggin. You can [download series here] or visit our lessons and retreat page. 

Lambs Among Wolves Series: This is a series that based off of a phrase Jesus said in Luke 10. When sending out the 72 (or 70) He told them He was sending them out as lambs among wolves. In this 3 week series we will talk about what how being a discipline is like being a lamb among wolves. We will discuss what is means, how we can live it out, and the why we become lambs among wolves. This is designed to be a discussion devotional; however it can be adapted to be taught in Bible class. Please realize, like most of our resources, it will take preparation to make it your own. You can [download the series here] or visit our lessons and retreat page.