Smartphone App: Echo Prayer

I first heard about this "echo" app through a review by Wes McAdams over at Radically Christian.  I downloaded it and immediately saw the benefits.  This app is a MUST for every Christian with a smartphone.

By now, most Christians with a smartphone have some sort of Bible app--but do most Christians have (or know about) a prayer app? "Echo Prayer" is a great app that reminds you to pray throughout the day. The best part about it--FREE!!!!!!

How to Use the Echo App:

  1. Add Custom Prayers. 

Once you download the app you can add your own prayer requests. This is especially good for trying to remember all the many prayer requests you may receive (by friends, at church, personal, etc.). The app even allows you do add a "description" of the prayer request.  This will allow you to add details about the request and/or updates on a person's health.

Add Reminders Using Push Notifications.

Once of the coolest features the app features is the "reminders".  You can choose to add reminders at a specific time and date (repeating on certain days).  It will allow you to choose a specific request on that reminder or you can select "random," which will choose a random request.  You can also turn on "push notifications" so when the specific time arrives it will send you a reminder on your phone (and email) to stop what you are doing and pray. I suggest you use "alerts" under the notifications settings under your phone settings.  Banners work great, but alerts require an action to dismiss, which will help you stop what you are doing and pray!

Check "Answered Prayers".

This feature allows you to keep up with prayers answered so you can track the awesomeness of God.  Take time to go through your "answered prayers" section to thank God for His love and willingness to listen and answer our prayers.

Pray Now Option.

This allows you to choose pray now. It will pick a random request (or you can choose) and allow you to set a timer for how long you want to pray.  This is a pretty cool feature.  One idea is to use this feature to pray for a group of people (a youth group). Under the description list every member and pray specifically for each member.

It's easy to forget to pray during the day.  It's easy to say "I'm going to pray more today" or "I'll pray for you" and completely forget--whether it is because we are busy or just forgetful.  Echo Prayer app helps remind the user to stop what he/she may be doing and say a prayer.  It doesn't have to be a long prayer, but take the time to say one.  I've scheduled several reminders before lunch, several after, and several in the evening using the "random request" setting.  This will choose a random request and I will pray for that specific request at the time of the notification/reminder.  Give Echo a try!



-Jonathan Germany

As always remember 1 Peter 2:21: “For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.”

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