BOOK REVIEW: I Died Last Night

"I Died Last Night" is a 66 page book written by John Orr, a minister in Wichita Falls, Texas. It is a gut wrenching fictional story of a leader in a conservative church as he takes his journey into eternity. Bible teaching, writings from early Christians, and true events form the foundation of this story. This book will challenge you, cause you to think, and wonder about the direction of your life and others. It begs us to answer the question, "Where would your soul be if you died right now?"

First I must ask for your grace as you read this review. This is my first review of a book. This book was so compelling to me on many different levels that I felt the need to write a review and share my thoughts.

"I can hear angry voices, millions of souls blaming, cursing, crying, and screaming. I can see the demons, the torment, and the horror of what is going on around me; the fiery worms bursting through the charred remains, the destruction of the body before it is re-animated for more suffering, more torment, and an eternity dying, yet no death."

Hell is a hard subject to approach. A subject that people tend to shy away from because of the graphic nature of the reality of what hell would be like should you end up there. John Orr in his book, "I Died Last Night", paints a very vivid picture of what hell would look like. 

This book had been sitting on my self for a few months, so I decided to take it on a trip with me a couple of weeks ago. During my one and a half hour shuttle ride to the airport, I read this book cover to cover. It is a very easy read, but a very hard book to put down once you start reading. 

What I love most about this book is the imagery. You maybe wondering, "how can you love the imagery of such a terrible place like hell?" The way John Orr writes this book, you feel like you are actually in Hell with the fictitious character that you follow throughout the book. The author makes it so real and the beauty of it is the imagery is brought to light from God's word. The author does a great job of highlighting what a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad place that Hell will be. 

One thing I was not ready for was to be challenged every time I turned the page. This book will cause you to take a deep look at your personal walk with Christ. It will, also, take your attention to all those you have met in the past and those people who you will meet in the future. Have you done enough to affect their soul eternally?

If you are not prepared to be challenged in a way that you have never been challenged before, then this book is not for you.

This book will change your perspective on life, the way you view others, and your thoughts on a place like Hell. I highly recommend this book. 

You can purchase "I Died Last Night" by John Orr at Start 2 Finish Books.

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Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson is the Youth and Family Minister at Rose Hill Church of Christ. He is married to the beautiful, Joy Thompson (who is way out of his league!). They enjoy sharing life together, ministering to teens and families, football in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!), and musical theatre. Andrew is a proud supporter of sarcasm and dry sense of humors. Thank you for reading! Follow Andrew on Instagram and Twitter!