Taking Free Prayers Requests

Today we're going to try something completely different.  We want to launch a "Free Prayer Requests" campaign.

What is a "Free Prayer Request" Campaign?

Between the dates of August 20 (Wednesday) and August 22 (Friday) we want all of our followers and readers to post on social media taking up prayer requests using #FreePrayerRequests.  As your followers tweet, comment, or post we want you to take time out of your day to pray for the individual and their prayer request.  Along with you, I will keep up with all posts tagged with #FreePrayerRequests and pray with you.

What Does the "Free" in "Free Prayer Requests" Mean?

Too often when individuals ask for prayers they receive "advice" instead.  When people ask for prayers, they want and they NEED prayers.  Sometimes the best thing to do is simply to pray with that person and for that person without giving advice.  The "Free Prayer Request" Campaign hopes to communicate a message of love, not one of judgment or hate.

How Can You Get Involved?

1. Share this article on social media.  Get others involved!

2. Take Up Prayer Requests on Social Media using #FreePrayerRequests (even on the same post as #1)

3. When people request prayers, PRAY for them.  We have gotten into a bad habit of telling others "I'll pray for you" and then forgetting to pray.  ACTUALLY PRAY FOR THEM.

4. Don't use this time for advice giving (unless asked).  We want people to feel free to request prayers without the fear of being judged or  receiving advice that they aren't open to receiving at the current time.  Prayers are very effective.  Sometimes that's the best thing we can do.

5. Continue praying for others (without the unsolicited advice) after the campaign.  Show the love of Christ

6. As always, remember 1 Peter 2:21 "For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example that you might follow in his steps".  Each and every day Walk in His Footsteps.

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As always God loves you and so do I love you.